Great Memories Made Easy

Kayak Rentals by appointment only – Please call from 8-5 to set up a rental, thank you!

Our passion for family and kayaking drove us to find a way to bring the two together. Making your new memories as convenient as possible in the waterways of the Monadnock Region. With our well rounded staff of seasoned paddlers, we take away the stress of loading/unloading kayaks, transporting and cleaning them. Your kayaks will be ready to go! Just give us a call to schedule.

Kev’s Island- Use our private site as a portage point onto Scotts brook. The winding water way will bring you to beautiful views of Monadnock and Gap Mountains, local florals and often wildlife. Use the camp to host your own picnic for a relaxing mid-day break away from the hustle and bustle. Great for families, birthday parties and groups who want to have a more secluded paddle.

We take the time to clean our boats after each appointment. You will appreciate that our equipment is clean, for your rental.

(All prices per 1 day rate)

Kevs Outpost/Scott Brook
$25 – Per kayak
$50 – Per canoe
$5 – Bring your own Kayak to Kev’s

Delivery & Pick-up to Water-body in Fitzwilliam Area
$30 – Per kayak
$55 – Per canoe

Delivery & Pick-up to Water-body outside Fitzwilliam Area
$35 – Per kayak
$60 – Per canoe

Minimum 2 kayaks for outside Fitzwilliam Area rentals
Special rates for 5 and 7 day vacation rentals



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